A Forward-Thinking Approach to Heritage
A Forward-Thinking Approach to Heritage
A Forward-Thinking Approach to Heritage
A Forward-Thinking Approach to Heritage
A Forward-Thinking Approach to Heritage
A Forward-Thinking Approach to Heritage

Chilcroft is the smarter heritage planning partner

When it comes to the development of historic and listed buildings, Chilcroft is the smarter heritage planning partner to have right by your side – because we love to say YES.

In fact, our business is built on it. Working for our clients on behalf of the historic environment – rather than the other way round – we deal with all matters relating to buildings and new developments involving the historic environment.

Historic & Listed Buildings

Home Improvements & Extensions

Replacement Houses & New Builds

Planning Applications & Appeals

Conservation Areas & Historic Setting

Listed & Delisting Applications

We're not in the business of 'no'

Our philosophy is one that rests on the power of possibility. Compassionately militant and often progressively unconventional in our approach, we’re just not the sort to take ‘No’ for an answer – because we vehemently believe that your vision can and should be achievable.

Whether it’s a listed building, new build, a site in a conservation area, or a multi-unit development, we’ll lay all the heritage consultancy groundwork needed, and work collaboratively with your local Council, community and other interested parties to achieve successful outcomes.

From written appraisal to heritage statement and beyond..

As a long-established business with strength-in-depth experience, incisive expertise, and the personal touch – everything you need to make your vision a reality, we bring to the party.

Our primary work covers:

Our extensive portfolio covers the full gamut of properties – from brand new mansions, townhouses and commercial real estate, to house extensions, leisure facilities and large outbuildings. While we’re unphased by any project big or small, we excel at complex developments.

Going where others have tried – and failed

For us, it’s all about realising the value and potential of every building or site that comes our way. What does that mean? A world-class blend of commercial understanding and ravenous hunger for delivering profit-based developments – that’s what. Not to mention our strategic nous and a handsdown commitment to putting your vision at the centre of everything we do.

Despite the UK’s rigorous planning system and stricter barriers to development, making historic buildings and conservation areas much less appealing; the reward of buildings and land with successful planning permission in historic areas can be enormous and lucrative.

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